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INCORPORATING cleocin 900 mg THE Philadelphia Medical Journal the Medical News A Weekly Revieiv of Medicine, Established 18 US. Vol. CXII, No. 17 NEW YORK. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1920. Whole No. 2186. Original Communications NATIONAL HEALTH PROBLEMS.* By Hugh S. Gumming, M. D., Washington, D. C, Surgeon General, United States Public Health Service. In the last analysis most health problems are in •A certain sense local problems, and the Federal Con- stitution, which as handed down by our forefathers I am old fashioned enough to believe is the wisest instrument of government ever devised order cleocin online by man, sets distinct limitations upon federal activities in cleocin topical solution public health ; limitations which are apparently over- looked by many enthusiastic zvorkcrs — and others. For such problems, I look upon the United States Public Health Service as a reserve to be called upon by .state and local authorities when the forces of •disease cleocin cream acne or diminished economic efficiency consequent therefrom are for any reason more than local or state authority can subdue, or in which they request federal aid and cooperation. cleocin tablets There arc, however, problems concerning the na- tion's servants, be they military or civil, and prob- lems involving foreign and interstate commerce in its broad sense which clearly require national ac- tion. There are also other problems in preventive medicine which are naturally federal in scope. In nearly every great campaign there arise crises and battle is forced at some points not of our choosing, but which require for the success of our war a tem- porary withdrawal or weakening of forces at points which we know are our ultimate goal. Two such cri- ses are now before the Federal health service, both consequent upon the World War. One of these is the prevention of the introduction into America of three great epidemic diseases, typhus fever, cholera and bubonic plague. Detailed in 1918 in charge of Service activities in Europe, with especial reference to sanitation of re- turning troops and the inspection of ports of Europe with reference to resumption of trade and immigra- tion, president cleocin suppositories of the Interallied Medical Mission to Poland, the cleocin topical gel cleocin t acne American delegate to the Interna- tional Convention of Public Health, and with twenty-five years of experience cleocin phosphate at home and abroad, I may be considered a fairly competent authority, and, in my opinion, there never before has been so grave a buy cleocin t danger of the introduction of these diseases. For six years, plague, pestilence, famine and death, the four offspring of war, have ravaged Europe. So *Read before the Philadelphia County Medical Society, May 13, far as Western Europe is concerned, there was com- paratively little danger to us, so long cleocin antibiotic as the war conditions continued, because of the cleocin 100 mg absence of trade and the constant supervision of troops, thuugh even in Holland there was a sharp epidemic of ty- phus in the winter of 1918-19, and occasionally rat plague at a British port. These conditions have changed, commerce and emigration have been re- sumed. In central and eastern Europe, the near Orient and Mediterranean littoral conditions are more menacing. It should not be forgotten cleocin suspension that while commerce has been cleocin t pads resumed, war, famine and cleocin 600 mg disease are still raging. There have been for several years thousands of cases of typhus fever in Poland and elsewhere in central and eastern Europe, including ports. Much to our surprise, we found last year no true Asiatic cholera in Poland, even among the Bolshevist pris- oners, among whom were Chinese, Tartars, and others from cholera areas. This year reliable in- cleocin cost formation leads us to cleocin iv fear an epidemic in Southern Europe and the near East. cleocin oral The third disease, plague, is much more insidious and difficult to con- trol. cleocin 2 Fifteen years ago Sir Patrick Manson in my

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