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neither graduated labor nor autoinoculation, which latter is a natural method of treatment, and inocu- lation tests of sputum and blood should always be made when microscopic examinations yield negative results. Practically all cases of pleurisy or hemop- tysis are due to tuberculosis. That it is better to test by exercise. That climate, if not actually unsuitable, has little to do with treatment. That our treatment of those carrying sputum flasks is unreasonable : a man with one is a safer neighbor than one who betnovate c cream uses his handkerchief. Also that patients may have bacilli free sputum. betnovate c Finally, Nageli has shown that large numbers have recovered from tuberculosis without their being buy betnovate cream online aware they had it. This is an indication of an increasing high natural resistance to the disease, betnovate n cream and a proper apprecation of autoinoculation would be of infinite value to the state. Too much atten- tion is given to the value of physical signs at rest, disregarding tests by graded exercise. He draws a good picture of the (English) apathy. Confronted with an undeniable fact that tuberculosis is preventable, he supposes a Great Britain practically free, then allowing a weekly shipload of one thousand, or, practically, fifty-two thousand, which is about the annual mortality, to land there. Every step necessary to see that it betnovate ointment 0.1 did not take root would be made as rapidly as if fight- ing an Asiatic plague. He makes some remarks on the qualifications of a betnovate buy online medical superintendent of a sanatorium. "The patience betnovate scalp lotion of Job and a capacity for working twelve hours a day, seven days a week." Walther, of Nordrach, touched the bedrock of successful treat- ment when he said it was not the buildings of the sanatorium, but the man in charge. The idea of any open air place where patients do as they like and are overfed being called a sanatorium is alDSurd. The patients generally become fat, neurotic and selfish. The book is so lucid and instructive that it de- serves more space than can be given. It betnovate face gives much food for reflection — reflection that must lead to determined action against the enemy. betnovate scalp application The reviewer came across an epitaph on the grave of betnovate gm skin cream a Dr. Moses Little (1766-1811). The whole family died of tuberculosis, but Dr. Marcus Paterson would most probably say ignorance. "Phthisis insatiabilis Patrem, matremque devorasti Parce ! O parce liberis." but the children died shortly after their parents. * * betnovate scalp solution * There is a certain amount betnovate for acne of usefulness in care- buy betnovate cream fully retelling and explaining what everyone knows, because there never was a greater fallacy than that everyone does know. But when betnovate online to common infor- mation is added some carefully trimmed ideas which tell of great consideration of the subject, the small audience who took back seats that they might more easily escape, will be reinforced and give good at- tention. The man on the platform says that to understand tuberculosis of the temperate zone and of our race, we must know also betnovate n how it aftects other races, but the epidemiological data are little known and are often in inaccessible periodicals. He under- takes to tell us all about them and therein lies the attraction of his book. He has on his mind the great prevailing betnovate gm ignorance of the disease as it af- fects races as yet not fully tuberculized. and wants to help doctors who meet the disease in far away countries, though he admits the difficulty of getting facts betnovate cream 0.1 and will not condescend to use betnovate skin cream airy statements however impressive. He thinks the von Pirquet test will become increasingly important, not only in the tropics but also at home, and recommends the wider study of tuberculosis, not only in large cities but in such places as Samoa and Porto Rico, where the date of betnovate c ointment introduction is comparatively recent. Dr. Bushnell pursues the enemy all over the world asking. When did it come? How did it come? He divides the countries into two classes and finds the law of Romer holds good : That where it is a rare disease the cases are acute and fatal : Where com- mon, it is chronic and, relatively, benign. That is, 4|e;Mr.iio)ie4TJirdaU i K-^i October 16, 19J0.] BOOK REVIEWS.

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