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hospitals of New York City. Smallpox on purchase bactrim Ocean Liner. — The Holland- American liner Xicitzv Amsterdam, which arrived in New York on October 12th, from Rotterdam, with 621 cabin and 1,673 steerage passengers, was de- bactrim cost tained in quarantine by the Health Officer of the Port on account of a case of smallpox in the steerage. The Nicuw Amsterdam will be detained at quaran- tine indefinitely with the 1,673 steerage passengers on board. Gives American Hospital to Italy. — .\ chil- dren's hospital has been offered to Italy by the bactrim and Com- mittee on the American Tribute to Italy. It will be called the sulfa bactrim IiUernational Child Welfare at Rome. British Surgeon bactrim tablets Brings Gift. — Sir Berkeley Moynihan, who recenth- left England to attend the convention of the American College of Surgeons in Montreal, brings with him the silver mace which is the gift of the consulting surgeons of the British army and is a memento of the assistance they re- reived from American colleagues during the war. Red Cross Medical Personnel in Europe. — The Red Cross medical report for July, 1920, shows ninety-six physicians, nine bactrim 800mg dentists, ten pharmacists and one laboratory cost of bactrim man, making antibiotic bactrim a total of 116 medical personnel in Europe. This number, how- ever, has been cut rapidly by the expiration of con- tracts so antibiotics bactrim that there are now only generic for bactrim about mrsa bactrim fifty medical men still in Red Cross service in Europe. Serum Treatment of Appendicitis. — According to press dispatches. Professor Pierre Delbet, of the University of Paris, announces the successful treat- ment of appendicitis by an antigangrenous serum, instead of by operation. Profesor Delbet is re- ported to have said that the tests have extended over a period of thirteen years and the results have been satisfactory. University of Paris. — A diploma of radiology and radiotherapy has been instituted by the bactrim bactrim medical faculty of the University of Paris. M. Cosset, professor of external pathology, has been named for the chair of bactrim and uti the surgical clinic to replace M. Ouenu. retired. M. \'aquez, professor of internal pathology, has been named for the chair of the therapeutic clinic in place of M. Robin, retired. A Typhus Hospital in Poland. — At the request of the League of Red Cross Societies a large hos- pital for research work in typhus fever will be operated in connection with the American Red Cross Hospital at Wilno. For the last two years hospitals in northern and eastern Poland have lieen over- crowded with typhus fever patients, and in local- ities where the hospital service was inadequate whole communities have been wiped out. Red Cross Society Establishes a bactrim 400 mg Health Serv- ice. — Tlie American Red Cross Society announces the establishment of a department of health serv- ice and an extension of its nursing service. The organization has 36.000 nurses on its rolls working in more than 15,000 communities. In bactrim 800 mg order to in- crease the number of qualified public health nurses 288 scholarships have been established and 67 loans have been made from the national fund, and in addition approximately 250 scholarships have been awarded by the various chapters. Public Lectures on the League of Red Cross Societies and the League of Nations. — Professor F. F. Roget, of the University of Geneva, will de- liver three public lectures in London on October 18th, 25th, and 29th. The lecture will bactrim generic be on the League of Nations and the League of Red Cross Societies, the second the declaration of the five national delegations sitting in conference at Cannes will be considered, bactrim prices and the third will deal with the program of work laid down for the medical department of the League of Red Cross bactrim for mrsa Societies. ■October 16, 1920.] R^e NEIVS ITEMS. 599 Leprosy Committee in Philippines. — Dr. Vi- cente de Jesus, acting director of health of the Phil- ippines, has appointed a Leprosy Investigation Com- mittee to meet at Manila from time to time for the purpose of undertaking investigations in connection with the treatment of leprosy. The committee bactrim price con-

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