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News Items. International Congress Against Alcoholism. — The fifteenth Internal Congress against Alcoholism was held in Washington, D. C, Generic Aygestin September 21st to 26th. Anniversary of Ether Day. — The seventy- fourth anniversary of Ether Day will be observed with suitable e:jercises at the Massachusetts General Hospital, on Monday, October 18th. The address will be delivered by Dr. Alonzo E. Taylor, Buy Cheap Aygestin of the University of Pennsylvania. Insanitary Jails. — Buy Aygestin Online Aygestin 5 Mg The New York City Police Department plans to abandon many of the jails in the police stations as the conditions have been shown to be insanitary and inadequate. IManv improve- ments are contemplated and it is thought that $500.- 000 will be required to make the necessarv changes. Aged Count a Ship's Surgeon. — Count Eugene Geraud Fraysses is the surgeon on the Fabre liner Asia. He is seventy years old and a veteran of the Franco-Prussian war of 1870. He also served in the recent war and has received many decorations, including that of commander of the Legion of Honor. A Tuberculosis Preventorium in Grand Rap- ids, Mich." — The tuberculosis preventorium estab- lished by the Antituberculosis Society of Grand Rapids. Mich., was thrown open for inspection on September 19th. It has accommodation for twenty- five patients. 598 XEJrS ITEMS. Yellow Fever in Mexico. — Yellow fever is re- ported to be spreading in Mexico. A press dis- ])atch quotes official statements to the ei¥ect that there are 100 cases in Vera Cruz and between thirty- tive and fifty in Tampico and that the epidemic has Aygestin Price spread to other cities. Vacancies in the Social Hygiene Board. — The United States Civil Service Commission announces examinations for several vacancies in the United States Interdepartmental Social Hygiene Board, for duty in Washington, D. C, and in the field. For full particulars regarding these examinations address the Commission, Washington, D. C. Norethindrone Acetate Tablets Poliomyelitis Commission in Massachusetts. — A commission has been appointed at Harvard Uni- versity to Aygestin Tablets investigate the outbreak of poliomyelitis in Massachusetts, consisting of Dr. Milton J. Ros- enau, professor of preventive medicine. Dr. Robert W. Lovett, professor of orthofjedic surgery, and Dr. Francis \V. Peabody, professor of medicine. Mental Buy Norethindrone Acetate Clinic for Children. — A free mental clinic for children was opened at St. Joseph's Hos- pital, New York, on Wednesday afternoon, October 13th. This clinic is equipped to examine and advise both in cases of mental disease and mental defect, and is under the direction of a psychiatrist from the Hudson River State Hospital, assisted by a psycho- metric examiner from the State Commission for Mental Defectives. China Medical Buy Aygestin Missionaries Meet. — The fol- lowing officers were elected by tlie China Medical Missionary Association at its annual meeting in Pe- king in February, 1920 : President, Dr. C. F. John- son, of Tsinan ; vice-president. Dr. Thomas Gilli- son, of Tsinan ; executive secretary. Dr. R. C. Beebe, of Shanghai ; recording secretary, Dr. H. H. Morris, of Shanghai ; editor of China Medical Journal, Dr. E. M. Merrins, of Shanghai. Antinoise Campaign. Aygestin Online — Dr. Royal S. Copeland, Health Commissioner of the City of New York, from a study of the existing conditions has been convinced that certain classes of industry should be prevented Aygestin Cost from encroaching upon residential sec- tions in order that the residents be protected from the noise which they produce. Hucksters, rattling automobiles and the clatter of dishes in restaurants tend to increase the din. In this way the health of the community is aflfected. Personal. — Dr. Fred H. Albee. of New York, was the guest of the Chicago Medical Society at a banquet given at the University Club on Wednesday, Aygestin 5mg October 6th. Later Dr. Albee delivered a lecture on Osteoplastic Surgery, which \vas illustrated with lantern slides. Dr. J. Lewis Amster has been appointed con- sulting surgeon of the penitentiary and correctional

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