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cated by the records, would seem to have Artane Online been given the least of general physical examination, as on 77.5 per cent, of case histories of this condition, examination was not noted. Likewise, 68.8 per cent, of cases of otitis media, 68,1 per cent, of cellu- litis, 58.5 per cent, of epilepsy; 49.2 per cent, of fracture, 48.4 per cent, of syphilis, 46 per cent, of eczema and 40 per cent, of trachoma had no physical examination recorded. The diseases accorded the highest proportions of physical examinations were: syphilis of the Purchase Trihexyphenidyl nervous system, for which some ex- amination Order Artane Online was recorded for all but 10.1 per cent, of cases; heart lesions, for which this item was noted for all but 11.4 per cent., and lacerated per- ineum, all but 14.6 per cent, of which were examined. LABORATORY TESTS. Uranalysis. — In accordance with natural expecta- tion, the analysis of urine for sugar and Artane Tablets albumin was recorded for a higher proportion of cases of chronic nephritis than of any other condition and that was in only 39.2 per cent, of the cases. This procedure was noted for 12.8 per cent, of cases of heart lesions; for Buy Artane gastric ulcer in 11.1 per cent.; for rheumatism in 9.7 per cent, and for epilepsy in 4.9 per cent, of instances. Microscopic Buy Artane Online uranalysis was recorded more often for gonorrhea than for chronic Buy Trihexyphenidyl nephritis, this item being noted in 44.9 per cent, of cases for the former and 37.2 per cent, for the latter condition. The other diseases having this procedure noted Buy Cheap Artane in a relatively high proportion of cases were, heart lesions, 10.5 per cent. ; rheuma- tism, 10.4 per cent. ; gastric ulcer, 6 Order Artane per cent., and epilepsy, 4.9 per cent. .Skiagraphic examination. — An x ray examination was recorded on some proportion of the histories of all diseases studied except eczema, conjunctivitis and trachoma ; and for a relatively higher proportion in cases of fracture (56.7 per cent.) and of gastric ulcer (45.3 per cent.) than in others. The patients with chronic nephritis had rontgenographic exami- nation recorded in 7.8 per cent, of instances ; those with rheumatism in 6 per cent. ; those with rachitis in 5.3 per cent. ; and those with other conditions all Purchase Artane in proportions less than 5 per cent. Wassermann test. — Although the Wassermann test was noted for a slightly higher proportion of cases than was the x ray examination, the applica- tion of the former was more restricted, as four con- ditions ( fracture, cellulitis, conjunctivitis, Artane Price and tra- choma ) had no record of this procedure. As would be expected, syphilis and syphilis of the nervous system received this examination most often — in 67.2 per cent, and 78.2 per cent, of cases respective- ly. The only other condition having this item noted for more than Order Trihexyphenidyl the average number Generic Artane of cases was epilepsy, w4th the Wassermann test recorded for 12.2 per cent, of cases. Blood examination. — A blood count or hemoglo- bin test was noted much more often for cases of gastric ulcer, being recorded in 11.1 per cent, of instances, than for any other condition. Blood ex- amination was entered on the Buy Trihexyphenidyl Online histories of 3.6 per cent, of cases of malnutrition, and in nephritis for 2.9 per cent., in heart lesions for 1.8 per cent., in syphilis of the nervous system for 1.4 per cent.; and in syphilis, rheumatism and bronchitis, each for less than one per cent, of the cases studied. Analysis of sputum. — Analysis of sputum was recorded for only six of the Purchase Artane Online conditions studied, as follows: Artane 2 Mg for bronchitis in 7.8 per cent, of cases; for gastric ulcer in 3.4 per cent. ; for nephritis in 2 per cent.; for heart lesions and malnutrition, each in 1.8 per cent., and for rheumatism in .7 per cent. Other laboratory tests. — A Von Pirquet test was recorded for 8.6 per cent, of cases of malnutrition. 1.8 per cent, of heart lesions, .8 per cent, of eczema and .3 per cent, of bronchitis. Smear w-as noted for 34 per cent, of the patients with gonorrhea ; 2.3 per cent, of those with heart lesions; 1.9 per cent, of those with lacerated perineum; 1.1 per cent, with conjunctivitis, and .5 per cent, with syphilis. Order Trihexyphenidyl Online A com- plement fixation test w^as recorded for 4.8 per cent, of cases of epilepsy, .7 per cent, of rheumatism and .5 per cent, of eczema. Spinal puncture was noted on the case histories of only three conditions — 21.7 per cent, of the cases Artane 1 Mg of syphilis of the nervous system; 5.1 per cent, of cases of gonorrhea, and 1.6 per cent, of syphilis. Stools were examined for blood in only one case of Purchase Trihexyphenidyl Online gastric ulcer. A test meal was noted on the records of but two conditions : for 37.6 per cent, of the cases of gastric ulcer and for .9 per cent, of patients with heart lesions. GENERAL COMPARISON Laboratory tests were recorded as having been employed much more often for the diseases treated in the general medical departments than for those from the other clinics. Of all the laboratory tests for the conditions discussed, x ray examination and the Wassermann test were stated to have Iieen used

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