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302 410 160 78. 72.9 71.99 45.6 86.2 74. 51. 663 234 133 253 159 146 176 153 111 % 37.5 47. 38.1 26.7 39.7 31.6 29.8 27.9 20.5 1932 30.6 3988 63.1 the general diagnostic and therapeutic procedures comparatively blank record forms containing a single (Table I\^). This comparison has been Order Ampicillin made on word in the diagnosis space, even when this word the basis of the sequence cases studied in the various was merely a symptom, such as constipation Online Ampicillin or departments of the general dispensaries and of spe- nervousness. This is one reason why the proportion cial institutions. The several departments have been of cases diagnosed in some of the departments of 590 OiTPATIEXT MEDIC.IL Ampicillin 500mg JVORK. the several dispensaries does not always Buy Acillin correspond with the proportion of diagnostic procedure Purchase Ampicillin indi- cated. PHYSICAL EXAMIXATIOX. The three departments treating the larger pro- ])ortion of systemic conditions, the general medical, jiediatric, and neurological, all recorded a very much higher percentage of general physical examinations than the departments treating conditions which are Buy Ampicillin more local in their nature, but even the former de- partments indicated general physical examination for less than half Ampicillin 500 of their cases. The proportions of general physical examinations recorded in the different departments are as follows: neurological, 47 per cent. ; general medical, 43.5 per cent. ; jiediatric, 40 per cent. ; orthopedic, 11 per Ampicillin 500 Mg cent. ; der- matological, i.7 per cent. ; gynecological, 2.9 per cent.; eye, 2.2 per cent.; surgical, 1.6 per cent.; ear, nose and throat, .5 per cent. When the fact is considered that patients are re- ferred to special departments, as a rule, without any previous physical examination to Buy Ampicillin Online ascertain whether or not there are present deficiencies other than the one for which special attention is being sought at the time, the very small proportion of general physi- cal examinations noted for the patients in the special departments demonstrates one of the weak points of the present Cheap Ampicillin dispensary system. Local physical examination, as would be expected, was found recorded much more often in the depart- ments treating local conditions than in the other divisions, although the ear, nose and throat and

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